junk theory

April 15, 2012 in RP by technopunk

She opens her eyes and sees the curved walkway, this narrow path in between two massive walls. She looks around, haggard, “Higgs Boson St” on a metal plaque.
She knows where she is but does not remember how she ended up sleeping in front of this door. Nervously, she puts her hands in her pocket looking for something to touch and
keeps them in as she looks up, attracted by a heavy roaming sound. A massive black ship slowly splitting the light grey skies.
She looks fed up as she tries to stand up, staggering, she eats a pill, seats back and looks up again. The ship is not visible anymore. Only the sound of the engine indicates it is slowing down. A few minutes pass by and a loud industrial metallic engagement noise resonates all over the city.

On the way to Central Station she sees a few junkies playing soccer with broken bottles around a fire barrel, the muffled echo sound of a rave somewhere. One of them
hails in her direction “hey Djehan!”, she slows down and looks with her eyes half closed as if she had troubles focusing but she gets going.
She enters a small corridor. It opens up on a very long tunnel equipped with a pedestrian conveyor that she steps on, a robotic voice warns the users “keep your feet on the ground, keep your feet on the ground”.
Quickly sliding her finger behind her ear she activates her audio, starts to ride the conveyor for a moment, arrives on the dock and catches the tube.

In the tube she finally remembers what happened the night before. Someone trying to fly off the squatted building’s roof was saved in extremis by roaming Realcov drones and they left in a symphony of metallic shock sounds as people started to stone them with whatever pieces of junk they could find around.

9am – when she arrives at the apartment, Hibiki is sleeping on the couch. She feels silly since she could wake him up with a good ol’punk joke but she refrains from doing so, briefly raising her eyebrows as a sign of self depiction. He’s better off thinking she’s not such a nutcase, he offered her a job afterall.
So she heads to the kitchen and grabs the remaining gamma ray treated fruitypack Lawrence brought with him sometime before, awkwardly sits on the couch while activating a hollowscreen that starts to play a MMA cage fight with volume set to max.

“mute” she whispers, leaning back.